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Are you Getting up to 12% Investment Returns on your GIC’s,     T-bills, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds or other Investments?


If you answered NO, then learn how to get higher returns on your idle cash using real estate as collateral

Northern Range Capital has created a Private Mortgage investment program to provide investors safe, secure alternative investments with very high returns. Our program was developed to give you more control over your investments, building wealth and financial independence.

A "private mortgage" is funded by an individual investor, group of investors, or private corporate entity, instead of a bank or other institutional lender. The legal status of any mortgage is the same regardless of who the mortgage holder, or mortgagee is. Private mortgagees have the same legal security in a mortgage as banks and other institutional lenders. The legal obligations of the borrower, or mortgagor, and the legal remedies available to the mortgagee, are identical. All of the related legal work is performed by a lawyer.

Many people are frustrated by low returns on their investment dollars. Five year GIC’s are paying less than 3% and the stock market volatility has forced investors to look for a safe haven for their investment dollars.  In response to this problem, we have created a solid investment program that can replace some of the low returns that you’re now receiving, and pay you up to to 12% interest from investments secured by real estate.

So what is a private lender and how does the program work?

For any investment portfolio, mortgage investments are a great alternative to traditional fixed income options, such as GIC’s or Bonds. A “private” mortgage is funded by an individual investor or by a group of investors and secured by registered liens against the property.

Interest paid by the borrower becomes income for the investors. Private investors who participate in mortgage funding have the same legal security in a mortgage as banks and other institutional lenders do. As with bank mortgages, all documentation, security registration and disbursement of funds are prepared and handled by an independent lawyer and mortgage administrator. Our goal is to provide the highest possible return to our investors, while at the same time protecting the investment itself. We provide clients with information for each and every loan initiated, maintaining a partnership of trust and respect with each Investor.

Through a Private Syndicate Mortgage, an investor or group of investors participate in one mortgage at a time. Beyond a specific minimum investment, a private investor is free to contribute any amount they like towards the full loan amount. When the loan matures and is paid out, the funds are returned to the investor. Private mortgages usually yield a higher rate of return and offer more flexibility in the loan selection process than traditional banking institutions. This flexibility allows Investors to facilitate the funding needs of qualified Borrowers who require rapid funding to acquire or develop real estate properties.

We work with and have exclusive brokering agreements with some well known builders in the Greater Toronto Area raising and sourcing financing (debt and equity) for many of their development projects. Our exclusive mortgage product is a very unique financing product where our investors have the opportunity to partake in commercial size developments and where their investment is secured directly on title of the project to fund the growth of the development.

For a fixed income investment, our mortgage product offers real security and a risk/reward ratio that you cannot get by investing in the stock markets or mutual funds. It gives investors a chance to invest in real estate which they would not be able to otherwise.


Tired of Low Bank Interest Rates?

We Have a Solution!


Becoming a private lender is an incredible way to build wealth and financial security. You have worked very hard for you money. And with the recent recession and economic hard times many people are watching their money disappear in the traditional investments of the stock market and retirement plans. Now is the best time to take control of your money and have your money work hard for you!

Convert your Stocks, Mutual Funds, GIC, Savings or T-bills into investments that yield up to 12% with Private Mortgage Loans. By increasing the yield on the same money you're investing now and see what happens!        

For example, $25,000 invested for 36 months with compounded interest...

A bank GIC paying 3% will grow to $27,318 in 36 months for a gain of $2,718. A real estate note paying 12% will grow to $35,123 for a gain of $10,123! 

That’s a 270% greater return!


    High Yields of 8% to 12%

    Steady Income Stream Secured by Real Estate

    Flexible Terms (18 to 48 months)

    Quarterly Statements and Easy Record Keeping

    Small Investments

    No Closing Costs or Fees

    Hassle Free


This is not a mortgage pool.  These loans are secured in your name by recorded mortgages with loan-to-value (LTV) ratios of approximately 50% to 80%. There are NO commissions or “sales load” taken out of your investment dollars.

We’d like to show you how you can invest your dollars in well-secured, low loan-to-value real estate transactions. We offer investors between 8% - 12% and we do not charge any fees or commissions. Our investments are typically for 24 to 48 months with quarterly interest payments.

We have a complete package that describes our program. If you would like to receive this package and learn more in depth of how our program works, simply enter you name in the form below and get instant access to OUR CURRENT AVAILABLE SYNDICATE MORTGAGE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES.  


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Added Bonus

In addition to getting instant access to our current investment opportunities we will also give you a FREE article that shows you "How to Achieve a 50% Return in 3 Years - Using your TFSA and RRSP"



This program is not for everyone but if you feel you are the one of the select few to take advantage of higher returns on their investments secured by real estate, then take action now, and make that call.

If you do not feel this investment is for you that is fine. However, if you know someone else looking for above market returns, please pass this information along and if they invest with us, we will pay you a referral fee.

Minimum Investment Required:  $ 25,000 .


P.S. You can also invest your RRSP, LIRA, RESP or TFSA  into these private mortgages, fill in the form above to find out how or call us directly at 905-901-3063.



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Please be advised that Northern Range Capital Corp and its affiliates are not offering securities for sale, is not a bank and is not a licensed mortgage broker or securities dealer and as such, do not hold themselves to be. The notes we offer are not insured by the CDIC or FDIC. However all notes offered are secured by real estate that carry liability and hazard insurance. As with all investments we encourage investors to do their due diligence. This is not a Security. The information provided herein is not intended to be for the purposes of soliciting a Security under Provincial, State or Federal regulations. This information is intended to give the private investor alternatives to stock market investments, but is not intended to be a solicitation of a Security under securities rules and definitions. This is intended to be a private borrowing transaction.

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