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Are you overwhelmed with getting too many investment portfolio statements from your financial institutions / advisors?


Can't properly keep track of what accounts you have at various financial institutions?


Can't keep track of your original investment made?


Can't calculate your true annual rate or return?


Can't calculate your capital gains and losses for tax purposes?




Stock portfolio accounting for high net worth clients, investment holding companies, investment clubs, estates and trusts is a key service we offer. The principal of Northern Range Business Solutions Inc. has had over 20 years of experience in the investment management and financial planning business. We understand how investments work and we know how to sort through the paper work and make sense of all your investments.


We will: 

  • Organize all of your investment records

  • Do a detailed transaction accounting for: purchases, sales, dividends, interest, expenses, universal stock split/dividend, spin-off and mergers, tender/exchanges, return of capital, dividend reinvestment plans (Drips), security transfers, short sales.

  • Calculate your capital gains and losses and provide reports to your accountant  for tax filing

  • Calculate your overall rate of return on your investments and tell you how they are doing

  • Tell you how much money you have actually invested

  • Tell you how much money you have actually made or lost on your investments

  • Provide a consolidated report on all of your investment holdings

  • And many other types of reports


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