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When it comes to real estate investment, fix and flip (FixNFlip) is a term that comes up frequently. It is the basic premise of real estate investing, and involves purchasing properties, making the repairs necessary to make them appealing to buyers, and then selling them for a profit, usually within a period of six months, or less. Fix and flip financing, also known as rehab loan financing, is designed to be a short term financing solution, with flexible terms designed to fit the unique needs of rehab investors.

There are many different fix it and flip it strategies available, but they all boil down to the same basic idea:
  1. Find a property in need of rehabilitation: foreclosure, REO, fire, water, probate etc. or any other distressed or outdated property
  2. Secure a short term loan from a reputable and direct lender that is designed to cover a portion of the purchase, and a portion of the estimated cost of the necessary repairs and improvements.
  3. Make the necessary repairs and improvements
  4. Put the property up for sale, find a buyer, and make a profit
  5. Start the process over again

We offer a wide variety of fix and flip loans for the real estate investor looking to purchase and rehab an investment property. Our full offering of FixNFlip, Construction, New Construction, and Cash Out loan products provide investors the ability to capitalize on fantastic value add real estate opportunities across entire lending area.

Financing is available for U.S. properties in major urban centres, suburbs and small towns.

Mortgage Specifications

Here are some of the items you will need to know regarding your office building mortgage:

  • Financing up to 85% of Purchase Price and 100% of Rehab
  • Loan tern 9 - 12 months
  • Interest rates start at 9%
  • Minimum loan $75,000
  • Super fast funding Close in as little as 10 days


Term loans and line of credit financing is also avalaible to allow investors to free up capital with the equity from an owned investment property. Finance property repairs and then sell it or rent it. This program is a super fast, hassle-free solution designed to help Real Estate Investors cash out of existing investment properties.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our goal is to provide our clients with attractive financing options that will best serve their individual financial needs. We have successfully laid a firm foundation for financing a broad range of loan products. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business.



Please contact us at 905-901-3063 or email us with any questions or project information.



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