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Pearns Point, Antigua W.I.


We help property owners / developers obtain debt and equity financing for their Caribbean Real Estate projects including hotels, resorts, residential and commercial development properties.

If you are a land owner, resort owner or real estate developer seeking financing or you need to refinance an existing project please contact us to discuss. You need to demonstrate that your project is carefully planned, conceived, and that you have the confidence to have invested your own funds.

We utilize several financial sources to get the right funding that meets your needs. We have access to investment banks, hedge funds, venture capital firms, high net-worth investors, trust funds, pension funds, insurance companies, joint venture capital, equity partnerships, and more. We can arrange funding for qualified, real estate and solar energy projects of a legal, viable nature in any major currency, no maximum.

We do not charge any Up Front Fees whatsoever (when dealing with Projects that require funding), but rather we prefer to earn a Success fee and/or Equity commission upon successful closing of a transaction.

No Up Front Fee
No Revision Fee
No Stand By Fee
No Retainer

Important Note:


Fees are always an issue, but at the proper time, with the right proven source, they are a reality. If your local bank in your hometown requires a fee to do an appraisal, title survey, credit reports, property inspection, background check, and many other verifications to fund a condo down the street, it is not realistic to expect them to fund a real estate project, in another country, at zero costs. Developers that insist on paying absolutely nothing until funding will never get funded, it takes money to borrow money.


Liquidity or cash on hand is definitely going to be required, and varies widely from lender to lender. Be prepared to pay lender fees/costs of some form. In any given transaction, the Client will be responsible for paying the Legal Fees, Appraisal Fees, Feasibility and Marketing Report fees and fees related to Due Diligence and Background checks and a Site visit.  Some lenders may require that you pay the fees/costs directly to a third party for the expenses incurred or they may require that you make a deposit in order to cover these costs as they are incurred.




Initial project review

Please submit to us an Executive Summary or Business plan about your project so that we may review it. After reviewing the documentation if we think that your project may be viable we will contact you to set up a conference call to discuss the project further.

Conference Call

We will discuss your proposed project and the parties will that will be involved. Company principal(s) must be present for the call.



At the end of the conference call if we think that we can arrange the funding for your project we will discuss what services we can provide to you our fees and how we are paid if the funding of your project is successful. If we are in agreement, we will forward to you our Financial Consulting Agreement  for your signature. 

Financing Options

Upon receiving from you our signed Financial Consulting Agreement, we will determine which financing sources and options will best suit the project and we will make contacts as needed. As soon as possible, we will notify you of available options.

Please understand that every lender is different and has different terms and conditions. We therefore cannot provide you prior to receiving a lender commitment any definition on interest rates, terms, lender fees and conditions.



Required Documents

All funding sources require an experienced development team, a shovel ready or fully approved project, verified developer equity, liquidity, and detailed project information including our Project Submission Form, Executive Summary. Business Plan, Financial projections thru the funding and repayment periods, and concise strategies for construction, marketing, advertising, management, and exit for the lender.


We will provide you with a list documents required that will be required to move forward. These documents may include and are not limited to;

- Executive Summary

- Full Business Plan
- Cash flow Pro-forma

- Budgets
- Architectural Renderings or Drawings (if Applicable)
- Pre-sales Purchase contracts
- Copy of all entitlements and permits and government approvals

- Recent appraisal (if any)
- Resumes/Bios of Principals

We will guide and assist you as needed as you go through the due diligence of the closing procedures.


Financing Process

We will begin the engagement by providing a complete funding package for the lenders to begin underwriting your project. We will be committed to funding your project right through to a successful conclusion and working with you on a regular basis. If you have zero equity, a lender is not going to be interested and your only option will be a joint venture.

To summarize:

  • Execute Our Non-Exclusive Engagement Agreement

  • You Provide Us With the Loan Material

  • We Present Your Data To Lender

  • We Schedule a Conference Call with the Lender

  • Lender Discusses Your Investment With You

  • We Work With You Through Funding

  • We Do Not Charge Up Front Fees



Investment opportunities in the English and French speaking Caribbean are supported by a good rule of law, rapidly improving/affordable telecommunications, political maturity and positive attitude to foreign direct investment and tourism.

Consider the following:

  • Changes in the global geo-political landscape through terrorism and violence have given the Caribbean region a new momentum as a safe haven.

  • Recent wealth creation in developed countries has created a strong demand for safe, accessible, exotic vacation properties.

  • The Caribbean is a prime tourist and secondary home destination with increasing direct access from North America and Europe.

  • Local governments have matured with regards to their treatment of foreign direct investment.

  • The region has been overlooked by traditional institutional property funds due to barriers to entry such as decentralized legal, jurisdictional, financial and local government organization.

  • Local institutional investors also recognize the value of co-investing or joint venturing with external investors.

  • The global credit markets are depressed and recessed, but the investment banking community continues to show strong interest in doing business in the Caribbean.

  • Foreign direct investment in the Caribbean Basin is increasing, in part due to a U.S. free trade agreement with the region, according to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

  • The Caribbean is more than just a vacation destination, its also a steadily growing market full of business opportunities for international companies.


If you are a Direct Lender or Investment Fund looking for investment opportunities and deal flow, and you are interested in financing any of our projects, please contact us for more information.


Below are some of the countries/islands that we have projects that are in need of financing:

Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St Kitts, Nevis,  Anguilla, British Virgin Islands BVI,  US Virgin Islands USVI,  Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Belize, Aruba, Curacao.



Please call us at 905-901-3063 or use the form below to contact us with any questions or project information.




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