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The Northern Range Group was founded by Bruce Ramsey who has over 20 years experience as an investor, business owner and financial advisor.

Below is a overview of his background and experience.



Attended George Brown College, Toronto, ON and graduated from the following programs:

Instrumentation Engineering Technology
Instrumentation Engineering Technician
Instrumentation Mechanic
Electronics - Digital Equipment & Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers


Begins taking investing courses 

Successful Investing and Money Management
Successful Real Estate Investing
Small Business Management

Interest is peaked in finance and entrepreneurship. 

Begins designing and writing his first software program Wealth Creator based on what he learnt from taking the above  courses.



After meeting billionaire Michael Lee-Chin owner of AIC mutual funds at the Toronto Financial Forum, he makes a career change and quits his job to work with Mr. Lee Chin's company. Becomes an Investment Advisor / Financial Planner after completing the following industry certification courses: 

Canadian Investment Funds Course
Labour Sponsored Funds Course
Canadian Securities Course
Conduct and Practices Course

Participates in raising capital for numerous real estate syndications and equity investments.



While still working as an Investment Advisor, starts a software company RAM Technologies Inc. to commercialize the “Wealth Creator” software program and make it available to financial planners in Canada and the US. 

RAM Technologies goes on to create the following software programs for the financial services industry: 

Portfolio Tracker - investment management system
Fundview - web-based mutual fund research database
Research Analyst - stock selection database


Creates database software program for researching Canadian mutual funds in partnership with BellCharts Inc. BellCharts goes on to become the industry standard in Canada for mutual fund research.



Became a Founding Member of the Halton Peel Enterprise Development Center in Oakville. The Enterprise Center is dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurial values and supports programs to assist in entrepreneurial ventures, in partnership with other community organizations. 

The Enterprise Centre successfully assisted over 775 new and existing businesses.  It is composed of a team of professionals that understand how to develop high performance teams and businesses. The Centre achieved a 70% success rate over a 10-year period, where 70% of the graduates were still in business 10 years following the completion of the very successful new business program.



BellCharts is acquired by Morningstar Canada a subsidiary of Morningstar Investment Research, the world’s largest mutual fund research company. 

Co-founds USA.ca Corp. with 3 other partners with the goal of bringing US based companies/products to Canada to service the financial services industry. 



USA.ca Corp. creates Zacks Canada Inc. and partners with Zacks Investment Research of Chicago, to distribute Financial Analyst Consensus Earnings Estimates and US and Canadian public company data into the Canadian marketplace.  

Merges RAM Technologies Inc. with USA.ca Corp. Creates web based software applications:  

Webinfoport - web based investment research portal
Fundline - web based mutual fund asset allocation proposal builder with Richard Croft
WebCalc - web based financial calculators

Changes the company name to Investors Source

Gives up career as a investment advisor/financial planner to concentrate on managing my software companies.



Sells Investors Source to Financial Victory Associates Inc. 

Sells Zacks Canada back to Zacks Investment Research USA

Goes back to work for a large Canadian securities brokerage firm and mutual fund company.




Completes the Canadian Mortgage Underwriting certification course and becomes a licensed Mortgage Agent.

Starts Northern Range Capital Corp. to provide commercial real estate financing services, property acquisition, venture capital and business consulting services.

Acquires a "Mortgage Superstore" franchise.

Creates Investment Property Evaluator software to allow investors to quickly analyze investment properties



Launches Northern Range Properties LLC to acquire and manage US based investment properties through joint venture partnerships. 




Co-founds Heirloom Fund Management Ltd a Cayman Islands based mutual fund management company.

Launches the Heirloom Caribbean Real Estate Fund to invest in and finance Caribbean real estate projects.




The name Northern Range reflects my Caribbean roots. The Northern Range is the highest mountain range in Trinidad W.I.






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